Mermaid Parade 2016: Award Winners

The Chief Justice and his Court did things a bit differently this year. We were much more sober. And the Assistant Chief Justice, Daniel Alhadeff, took a major role in tallying the votes. But ultimately the Chief Justice made the decisions and you can throw your hate at him (or even your love).

A few notes on/for the winners:

  • Often we only have numbers for marchers who register the day of the parade. If you're one of these winner/procrastinators let us know via Facebook and we'll update this page with your info. 
  • This list has been know to have errors. We reserve the right to correct errors at any point in the future. 
  • We know you want your award. Stay tuned for an announcement of how you can receive your award.
  • The descriptions below are just silly notes. If you hate them let us know and we'll rewrite them.
  • Thanks for your patience and understanding

Sea Creature

204 - Surfrider Foundation
The winner is the guy covered in 1000 bags -- and he's a protector of the sea!

880 - Previously Undiscovered Deep Sea Eyeball Coral 
A crowd favorite.

573 - Anglerfish Girl
It took a major effort to figure this one out. But your judges are also detectives and we solved the case.

Marching Group

200 - The Band from Baltimore
Charm City has taken a major interest in our parade. And this year the Band took the big honor (again).

718 - Hungry March Band
These folks should have been in musical group, but our incompetent judges have spoken!

625 - Sexcamaids
What is going on? Third place. Where is the justice? Where is the Chief Justice? Check the intoxitorium.

Music Group

865 - Batala NYC
Just awesome. The judges are still feeling the rhythm.

950 - Voodoo Brass
The voodoo that they do....

775 - Samba NY
Samba! And that number is probably wrong.

Motorized Float

951 - Rockaway Mermaid Brigade
They do it again. Second year in a row. This time with a Bowie Tribute.

956 - Tractor Pirates
Don't have much info on these farm folk. 

954 - Kostume Kult
Parade Veterans back in the winner's circle.

Push Pull Float

107 - Mermaid Mutiny
You can't have too many pirates at the Mermaid Parade. Not when they're this good.

115 - Here Be Monsters 
The judge's named this "The Nightmare" and actually put them into way too many categories

101 - Mad Max Fishy Road
We need another hero

Little Neptune
672 - Neptune
Congrats little guy

145 - Pirate
Honestly, this is a really, really difficult category to judge.

10 - Sea You in the Jungle
In particular, the little boy in this group.

Little Mermaid

134 - Brooklyn Mermaids
Ain't they sweet?

110 - Isa from Siren Sing Along
This has been changed to reflect the right Isa. Congrats!

132 - Olivia's Birthday Mermaids
We had a slew of birthday parties this year. But someone had to be best.

Neptune Costume

Chuck Varga aka Sexecutioner aka The Luckiest Man in Coney Island
It wasn't even a contest. Even without popping the question on the reviewing stand, he was going to win this award.

968 - Deep Sea Diver
He walked the parade route in deep sea divers gear. Nothing like this has been seen since Curtis Sliwa walked the parade route barefoot.

304 - Poseidon from the Downey's
Getting third place in the crowded field this year is like winning first place any other year.

Mermaid Costume

Bambi the Mermaid
She's a national treasure...a Coney Island baby...a queen of burlesque...and now Chuck's partner in life. When she said yes to the big question there wasn't a dry eye on the reviewing stand. Mazal Tov Bambi and Chuck.

7 - Kate Dale
Kate did it again. She made Mermaid Magic come to life. But Bambi outfoxed her with a major life event.

690 - Jersey Mermaids
From the other side of the Hudson, meet the finned femme fatales.

Judge’s Choice

8 - Brooklyn Bombshell Review
For the second year in a row, the winningest group in Mermaid Parade history wows the judges. Next year you better step up your act. It's going to take hard work to go for the threepeat. And get your music queued up BEFORE you get to the reviewing stand.

Mayor’s Choice

Dona Zita
From south of the border, come Aztec mysteries.

That's all folks. You can also check out the 2015 winners.