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Watch the Maskies: The Mask Design Contest Awards Ceremony

The contestants in The Put on a Funny Face Mask Design Contest have created the most brilliant masks to have ever graced our planet. But only a few can be the winners. We announced the winners at our June 8th Awards ceremony. And you can watch the replay right here. Plus all the masks are displayed below. But we know you want to see the winners. So...

Best Use of Upcycled Material in a Mask

  • 3rd Place: Dianne Rentz with the Upcycled Jeans quilted plague doctor mask
  • 2nd Place: Misty Humphrey with her Crown Royal Mask
  • 1st Place: Melanie Groves’s WWII parachute silk and denim mask.

Best  Historical Mask.

  • 3rd Place: Katie Luscombe and the Rising Tide Mask mask
  • 2nd Place: Janna Kennedy Hyten's Dali's Mustache Mask
  • 1st Place: Anthony Whitaker - I Am Steel Standing

Best Coney Themed Mask

  • 3rd Place: Clash Vicente and Furies Revenge Mask
  • 2nd Place: Tails of Glory's  Spell It Out Mask
  • 1st Place: Ruben Santana: The Many Facets of Coney Island

Best Formal Mask.

  • 3rd Place: Ashley Baedke - A Night at the Opera Mask
  • 2nd Place: Heather Raquel Phillips' Be Seen, Not Heard Mask
  • 1st Place: Jenny Leigh Du Puis  - Magpie Mask

Best Mermaid or Neptune Themed Mask

  • 3rd Place: Kayla Elorza and her Gaudy Mermaid Mask
  • 2nd Place: Mike Tillman's Shape of Water Mask
  • 1st Place: Debra Scotti- Beauty of the *C*

Best Kids Mask

  • 3rd Place: Cindy Benn and the Sonic Mask
  • 2nd Place: Lane McLaughlin with the Crabby Mask
  • 1st Place: Jessica Filomeno's Elephant Mask

Community Service Award

  • Relief Crafters or America
  • SMART Sheet Metal Worker's Union
  • Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies Facebook Group

Best Mask Wearing Meme

  • Anonymous

Mask Makers Choice

  • 3rd Place: Jennifer Erin Taves - Clear 2020 beak mask
  • 2nd Place: Sarah Boll and the Cosmic Aquatic Mask
  • 1st Place: Vanessa Sterbenz's Bathing Beauties Mask

Judges Choice Award

  • 3rd Place: Esti Grifel - Rabbit Mask
  • 2nd Place: Felipe Salcedo's Fish/Sideshow Freak Mask
  • 1st Place: Adrienne Benjamin and her Anishinaabe Mask

One New York Award

  • 3rd Place: Grover Gregory Guinta and the 5 Boroughs 1 Love Mask
  • 2nd Place: Miriam Rankin's Brooklyn Bridge Me
  • 1st Place: Suzie Sims-fletcher and Monumental

People's Choice Award

  • 3rd Place: The Tailshakers - Under the Mask
  • 2nd Place:  Jen green and her Ice Cream Cone Mask
  • 1st Place: Once Again…Suzie Sims-fletcher  Hot Dog Mask

Best in Show

  • 3rd Place: Leah Tinari - WWI Prosthetic Mask Homage
  • 2nd Place:  Allison "Little Brooklyn" Garber - Sideshow Banner Mask
  • 1st Place: Melissa Lawson - MerMay Queen (f/k/a MidSalmon)