Betty Bloomerz

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The Doll of Darkness

Betty Bloomerz arrived in Coney Island blindfolded and bound, suspended upside down, carried by a giant stork with a pastie for an eyepatch! As a yong girl she was a white faced prankster prone to giggle fits and finger painting. She was forced into intense study of ballet. The ballet didnt like trickster showoffs. Sadly, she was driven to madness by the disciplined smack of her teachers cane. Betty left the stage, but couldn't help the lure of a traveling world international circus freakshow!

Acts Performed

She does it all folks!
She writes forward and backward with all four limbs!
She flies thru the air with amazing ease
Swallows swords-upside down hanging by her knees!
Human pin cushion
She walks and bellydances on beds of nails!

Physical Description

Betty is both silly and beautiful,She's juicy! she smells good! She slices! She dices! She's carring a knife?! aand.. SHE WILL CUT YOU with her icey blue eyes. HER WARDROBE IS SPARKELY, STITCHED AND UNPREDICTABLE (now accepting gifts)

Has Performed At

Betty has been a performer touring coast to coast in the US and internationally, both individualy, and as part OF SQUIDLING BROS.CIRCUS SIDESHOW. PERFORMED: Ruisrock, Finlands oldest rock festival, HANKY PANKY'S TATTOO MUSEUM IN AMSTERDAM, INK AND IRON FESTIVAL on THE QUEEN MARY in Long Beach, California, Cirque Dracula in Finland last summer, METALTOWN, A THREE DAY MUSIC FESTIVAL IN SWEDEN in the sideshow tent, the Palace of Wonders in Washington DC, Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square