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Insectavora joined the Coney Island Circus Sideshow after 10 years stranded as an orphan on the Island of Fiji.  Lacking all modern conveniences, she was forced to develop jungle survival skills - which have toughened both her skin and her stomach.  While she rarely eats insects anymore, she has found a use for the skills developed on her long days spent foraging for food along the razor sharp rock outcroppings of the Fiji beaches: She will perform for you the bizarre and startling ascent up the dangerous Ladder of Swords. And because of her experiments on the lonely nights in front of campfires you now have access to one of the foremost fire performers in the world.


Fire Eater, Fire Breather, Fire Twirler, X-rated Fire from Below, Ladder of Swords*, Whip Tricks, Glass Walking, Lounge Singing, Razor Blade Swallow & Regurgitation.
* Props Cost Extra Unless Booking Entire Show.


Insectavora is 5’4" tall and 125 lbs. Eyes brown and hair color subject to change. The World's Most Partially Illustrated Woman! (Tattoos by Skitch).


Hamilton College (NY), Architectural League’s Beaux Arts Ball at Governor’s Island (NYC), Little Steven’s Underground Garage Festival, The Cutting Room, Burning Man Festival, The Dark Arts Festival, The Vogue-Seattle, The Cat Club-San Francisco, Apocalypse Theatre, Know Nothing Cirkus, Wilkes Barre Sideshow Gathering/Winner of Sideshow Preservation Award, The Palace of Wonders, B.B. King's Times Square, The Princess Resort, Bermuda.


The Learning Channel, CNN American Morning, CNN Headline News, Animal Planet, New York Times, Miami Ink, James Taylor's "Shocked & Amazed", Marc Hartzman's "American Sideshow", American Jyvass Production's "The Day of the Dawn of the Night of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the...Pt.V" (where she does most of the song vocals TOO!), Paul Gambino's Scrap City, and Various Documentaries, Films, and Commercials world-wide.