Leo The Human Gumby

Come see lithe and limber Leo, the human gumby, as he twists, curls and contorts his fantastic elastic body in and out in and out of the narrow confines of an itsy-bitsy teency weency tennis racquet! You have to see Leo to believe him he's a human marvel that defines convention and shocks modern medical science!

Acts Performed:

Contortion act
Tennis racquet act
Straitjacket act
Lyra act

Physical Description:

Most flexible guy you'll ever meet. Slim and toned 5ft 9in 130lbs
Costume: anything green of course

Has Performed At:

The Slipper Room, The Folk Circus, Bushwick Burlesque, Gotham Burlesque, Mystic Circus Sideshow, Finale Club "NYC", Bounce Sporting Club "NYC", Santos Party House "NYC", Websters Hall "NYC", Bowery Ballroom "NYC", Miley Cyrus Bangerz album release party, Amanda Palmer benefit for Mermaid Parade, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Ross Art Group Gallery, City Tech College, Lyric Hall "Connecticut", Gargiulo's, Kitty Nights, Parkside Tavern Bar "Pearl River", Luna Park, AND MUCH MORE.


CInstagram: bonebreakingleo
Facebook: leo the human gumby
And make sure to purchase a Leo The Human Gumby Poster at the Coney Island USA gift shop for only $10.

As Seen In:

Americas Got Talent, Time Out Magazine, BBOXRADIO, Brooklyn News 12, The Village Voice, Newsday, BattleFest, Documentary for Harry Houdini, and The Future of Cirque Du Soleil.