Wae Messed: ¡Escandalo! -A Burlesque Telenovela-

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Wae Messed: ¡Escandalo! -A Burlesque Telenovela-

Friday, August 11, 2017 - 10:00pm

Let us entertain you!! Join Ginger Twist, Corvette Le Face and Wae Messed for a night of ESCANDALO!! Familia, murder, love and sex! Come to Coney Island for Las Reinas presents ¡Telenovela! A scripted Burlesque show. Follow our young ingenue, Chuleta, as she comes of age in the cruelest ways. You'll be living for the drama!

Deity Delgado
Frankie Eleanor
Storm Marrero
Tío Frankie
Wae Messed
Corvette Le Face
Ginger - host
Rio Darling - house boy
And more!

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