Fancy Feast: Maim That Tune

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Fancy Feast: Maim That Tune

Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 10:00pm

Put some wax in your ears and join an all star cast for MAIM THAT TUNE, the burlesque show where performers will be stripping to their all time least favorite songs. Sadists and masochists alike will delight as the talent put their eardrums on the line. Will your least favorite song make an appearance? Act fast because the past two years of this show have SOLD OUT and you will not want to miss it!

Trixie Little
Bastard Keith
Sapphire Jones
Qualms Galore
Little Brooklyn
Tiger Bay
VooDoo Onyx
Darlinda Just Darlinda
Gal Friday
Minx Arcana
Zoe Ziegfeld
Zaza Zandra
Fancy Feast

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