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Mechanical Medium - A film by Zoe Beloff with live sound by Gen. Ken Montgomery

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Mechanical Medium - A film by Zoe Beloff with live sound by Gen. Ken Montgomery

Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 9:00pm

A Mechanical Medium
Performance for Model B Kodascope16mm projector, Stereo Slide projector, 78 rpm phonograph, Tri Signal Toy telegraph Unit and other sound making machines. One hour. 1999

Few people know that Edison spent the last ten years of his life attempting to build an apparatus to communicate with the dead, in his words, a mechanical medium. Though his device was never found, we will attempt, in the spirit of his enquiry to do the impossible, to conjure up phantoms, to glimpse the hereafter.

The narrative is inspired by interviews with Edison on the subject of the hereafter, and accounts of Edison’s purported communications through various New York mediums subsequent to his death in 1931. Sound conjures the spirits of the departed through foregrounding the sounds of the audio reproduction and projection machines themselves, creating a cacophony of voices that are not voices, hurtling through the ether, reawakening that “Frankensteinian” dream of the nineteenth century, the recreation of life, the symbolic triumph over death.

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