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Coney Island Film Festival 2016 - Program 11 - Animation

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Coney Island Film Festival 2016 - Program 11 - Animation

Sunday, September 18, 2016 - 1:00pm

Pre-sale has ended. Tickets are available at the box office, cash or credit (1208 Surf Avenue ) during the festival, Friday 9/16 (6:30pm-11pm), Saturday 9/17 (12:00pm - 10:30pm) and Sunday (12pm - 1pm). All ticket sales are final, no refunds and pre-sales are Will Call only (tickets will not ship), to be picked up at our Box Office at 1208 Surf Ave., during the festival. Please Note: The Coney Island Museum is located on the 2nd floor and is not wheelchair accessible. 

Garlic on Trial
Directed by Laurence Desgaines, NY, 3:10, Brooklyn Premiere!
It's kangaroo court, and garlic has been sentenced to death by cooking!

Light Drifter
Directed by Yu-Ting Cheng, NY, NY, 3:00
Light Drifter is a visual narrative of my dreams realized in a surreal world populated by monsters, birds, fish and magical creatures.

The Surreal Sideshow
Directed by Mick Cusimano, Boston, MA, 4:10, World Premiere!

Where R U From
Directed by Junghyun Park, Jersey City, NJ, 1:44
"WhereRUFrom(2016) is a self-portrait of the artist’s origins, her true beginning. Curiosity about childbirth and chromosomal sex determination inspired the project’s narrative. Consider that a man has two distinct chromosomes: X and Y, while a woman has 2 chromosomes that are the same: X and X. Imagine a race then between the X and Y chromosomes. Whoever gets to the egg first decides the child’s sex!"

A Subway Story
Directed by Eugene Kolb, Brooklyn, NY, 5:00, Brooklyn Premiere!
Told 3 years on, two people recount the story of how they met on the New York City Subway.

Under the City the Blue Bag Dropped
Directed by Thomas W. Campbell, NY, NY, 2:58, Brooklyn Premiere!
In the city we travel underground every day to get to work - and to get to so many other places. Countless people pass each other, with barely an encounter. Sometimes our reserve is broken and we manage to connect with others. Under the City the Blue Bag Dropped is an animated story of one such connection.

Personal Effects
Directed by Elena Megalos, Brooklyn, NY, 7:33
In an effort to move on, a heartbroken woman procures a goat to consume her ex-lover's belongings.

Player Two
Directed by Zachary Antell, Scarsdale, NY, 3:38
Player Two is a short animation that explores the relationship that develops between two brothers of differing age growing up, and how video games foster that bond.

Directed by Steven Lapcevic, Staten Island, NY, 4:52
An infinite routine.

Ring Around the Mulberry Bush
Directed by Nicholas D'Agostino, NY, 9:59, Brooklyn Premiere!
A night of sharing old wounds.

There's Too Many Of These Crows
Directed by Morgan Miller, Brooklyn, NY, 3:50
A film about aggression and escalation.  The narrative initially concerns a poacher and his wife hunting crows in a wide open field.  Set roughly in 1913.

Our Crappy Town
Directed by Andy London, LIC, NY, 8:36, Brooklyn Premiere!
In 1986, Andy London had a small, forgettable role in the Glen Cove High School production of Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town”. But what happened when the curtains the stuff of legend.

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