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Coney Island Film Festival 2016 - Program 16 - Coney Island Films

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Coney Island Film Festival 2016 - Program 16 - Coney Island Films

Sunday, September 18, 2016 - 6:00pm

Pre-sale has ended. Tickets are available at the box office, cash or credit (1208 Surf Avenue ) during the festival, Friday 9/16 (6:30pm-11pm), Saturday 9/17 (12:00pm - 10:30pm) and Sunday (12pm - 6pm). All ticket sales are final, no refunds and pre-sales are Will Call only (tickets will not ship), to be picked up at our Box Office at 1208 Surf Ave., during the festival. 

A Day at Coney Island
Directed by Molly Schneider, Brooklyn, NY, 1:11, World Premiere! 
A part of a stop-motion animation diary series, this short describes a day spent at Coney Island with friends.

Directed by Howie Alex, NY, NY, 7:02, World Premiere!
Sights of a summer day in Coney Island.

Just in Love For the Summer
Directed by Paul Liatsis, Brooklyn, NY, 3:34, New York City Premiere!
A pop-hip hop collaboration filmed on location at Coney Island, NY.

Directed by Miguel Ortiz, NY, NY, 3:51, World Premiere!
The piece itself is an abstract 3 minute project that tells the relationship of Cedrick and Taylah. The story is told without dialogue but through a series of images of Cedrick, Taylah, and Coney Island. Contrast editing and mechanical sound design are utilized to give these stationary images emotions and execute the narration of the piece.As a whole I am attempting to have the viewer watch this piece and interpret the relationship through their own experiences and knowledge. At the same time I am aiming at having Coney Island itself deliver the story and give real emotion. This is a theoretical use of montage created by Sergei Eisenstien of Staged and Actuality emotional editing in a contemporary use.

The Dress
Directed by Max Weissberg, NY, NY, 9:52, New York City Premiere!
A woman decides to break up with her jazz-musician boyfriend, only to discover he has life-changing news.

Directed by Justin Pigeon, Brooklyn, NY, 3:52
A man talks with birds about human connection, when he is interrupted by a stranger.

Directed by Adam Volerich, NY, NY, 12:09, Brooklyn Premiere!
After his stash is stolen by a shady client, pot-dealing Ricky is thrust on a hazy journey to Coney Island to get it back.

Directed by Claudia Zamora, Brooklyn, NY, 4:41, World Premiere!
A walk through the sounds, shapes and colors of a place called Coney Island.

Sarah Beetson's Coney Island Painted Polaroids
Directed by Chad Lane, Australia, 4:37, World Premiere!
A short film about an art series of polaroid photographs taken in Coney Island one summer, and then later painted on.

The Sideshow You Didn't Know
Directed by Pete Bune, Brooklyn, NY, 12:30, World Premiere!
"Who wants to get freaky? Who wants to get hammered? Who wants to get nailed?! There aren't many places you can still go and see someone swallow a sword, charm a snake, lay on a bed of nails, breathe fire, or hammer a nail into their head, BUT LIVE as it's actually happening in front of you and NOT viewed on a tiny screen. Why does this matter? Because seeing is believing and the people that work at the Coney Island Side Show are so much more amazing in real life! This video will never truly show you how incredible this community is. And just like Jake and Missy do - you should go and discover it for yourself! featuring side show performers Trick the Bastard, Alejandro Dubois, snake charmer Zoe Ziegfeld, and burlesque performer Betsy Propane."

The Great Coney Island Egg Toss II
Directed by Sean Roman, New Hyde Park, NY, 5:00, Brooklyn Premiere!
The funniest annual egg toss in the land. On the sidewalk adjacent to the handball courts on Surf Avenue and 5th Street, this little known 4th of July tradition at Coney Island continues.

The Wonder Wheel Gets Ready for Season 2008
Directed by Lou Dembrow, NY, NY, 15:00, World Premiere!
The 96 year old, 400,000 pound  Wonder Wheel is the only wheel of its kind in the world. Every season, 16 swinging cars, 16 carriages and 8 stationary cars come on and off the wheel. Meet the dedicated, expert men who make it happen.

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