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Coney Island Film Festival 2016 - Program 6 - Coney Island Films

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Coney Island Film Festival 2016 - Program 6 - Coney Island Films

Saturday, September 17, 2016 - 6:00pm

Pre-sale has ended. Tickets are available at the box office, cash or credit (1208 Surf Avenue ) during the festival, Friday 9/16 (6:30pm-11pm), Saturday 9/17 (12:00pm - 6:00pm). All ticket sales are final, no refunds and pre-sales are Will Call only (tickets will not ship), to be picked up at our Box Office at 1208 Surf Ave., during the festival. 

Coney Island Dreaming
Directed by Vagabond Beaumont, New Rochelle, NY, 9:00, World Premiere!
Everyone deserves to have their Coney Island dream come true... everyone.

Birth Day
Directed by Eva Evans, Brooklyn, NY, 7:12
A young comic illustrator wakes up on the day her baby would have been born and struggles with the guilt and grief surrounding her abortion.

Directed by Jon Navarro, NY, NY, 5:30, Brooklyn Premiere!
A woman revisits the place filled with her happiest moments and most tragic memory, as two lost lovers find their way back to each other by returning to the place where it all started...and ended. And in a moment of solitude decides to let go of it all and take a leap of faith.

A Night With a Stranger
Directed by Marty Novitsky, Uladzimir Taukachou, NY, 13:20, Brooklyn Premiere!
A Night with a stranger is a 2015 American drama film, a UT Cinema Production that features Titi Arewa in her first starring role, is one of the most unsettling and terrifying sad films. The film most likely will make many single people think twice about meeting strangers.
Kim Palmer, a PHD physics student, realizes that no matter what you plan for, life does not always deliver what is expected.

Directed by Jardley Jean-Louis, Queens Village, NY, 6:45, World Premiere!
The mundanity and gravity of time and its effects on the mind of a young man facing a moment that threatens his dreams of stability, betterment and happiness for himself and his mother. 

A large sky without people carries the birds in its balloon
Directed by Jesús Muñiz, Brooklyn, NY, 7:03, World Premiere!
Both fiction and documentary. A contemplation of life, from the point of view of a young woman looking back at some relationship.

Brothers In Arms
Directed by Rimma Kalyakina, Brooklyn, NY, 6:10
After finding a medal of honor belong to their dead father, two little boys set out to prove their bravery in an effort to determine who gets to keep the medal.

The Blue Balloon
Directed by Paul Callahan, Rockville Centre, NY, 1:47
Kid sends a message on a balloon.

Directed by Matthew Puccini, NY, NY, 4:00, World Premiere!
An analysis of yearning and catharsis as the ocean calls.

A Mermaid Tale
Directed by Stephen Franciosa, Jr., Bronx, NY, 5:44, New York City Premiere!
A sun soaked summer day at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade has something menacing going on behind all the debauchery and costumes. Don't get too close to the water.

Nazimova's Dream (Within A Dream)
Directed by Lindsay Greer, Carbondale, IL, 1:56
"This film was made from artifacts found in Alla Nazimova's head. This is the finished version of my work in progress from 2014, ""Nazimova's Dream"" Made from a variety of hand manipulated found footage, video, Super 8, and open source archival video."

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