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Coney Island Film Festival 2017 - Program 9 - Experimental Films

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Coney Island Film Festival 2017 - Program 9 - Experimental Films

Saturday, September 9, 2017 - 9:00pm

All ticket sales are final, no refunds and pre-sales are Will Call only (tickets will not ship), to be picked up at our Box Office at 1208 Surf Ave., during the festival. Please Note: The Coney Island Museum is located on the 2nd floor and is not wheelchair accessible. This program contains adult material.

Pre-sale has ended. Purchase tickets at our box office at 1208 Surf Avenue (corner of West 12st).


Directed by Crazy Legs Conti, New York, NY, 1:58
It's an epic battle between Soulfinger (Denzel Washington) and Goldfinger (Al Pacino).

Live Your Light

Directed by Jendra Jarnagin, Brooklyn, NY, 4:36
Eight unique and accomplished professional performers from the Bushwick Brooklyn circus arts collaborative called "House of Yes" perform for the camera in this stylized dance film. They speak to the audience not just through movement, but in their own voices, via woven-together audio interviews, reflecting on their relationship to their art and what moves them to perform. These artists have dedicated their lives to the premise of “Radical Self Expression,” one of the ten principles of Burning Man culture. Featuring fire-spinning, fire-breathing, hooping, aerial silks, lyra, trapeze and cross-disciplinary dance, we connect with each dancer in their own emotional, raw and vulnerable words as we are awed with their feats of seemingly effortless grace. By letting their own light shine, these artists inspire others to do the same.


Directed by Caroline Voagen Nelson, Astoria, NY, 3:11
Aquacade is an experimental short film that journeys through hidden histories in underwater New York City, beginning with the prohibition of pinball machines and their demise in the East River in 1942.The film collages multiple techniques in animation, blending stop motion, 2D, and 3D with archival footage.

Troubled Waters

Directed by Peter Meng, Tinton Falls, NJ, 4:47, Brooklyn Premiere!
Vincent, a tortured artist, has plunged into a state of psychosis and lurks beneath the water's surface. His submerged canvas textures jump to life, mirroring his manic state of mind, while he tries to escape his troubles from within.

Breathe in, Breathe Out
Directed by Laura deNey, New Paltz, NY, 3:17, World Premiere!
A visual poem, the film is a mermaid's perspective on ocean acidification and our destruction of the underwater world.

The Five Boroughs

Directed by Victor Chu, Bronx, New York, 4:31
The Five Boroughs is a tribute to the five boroughs of New York City - shot 100% with a drone. The director, Victor Chu, noticed that aerial tours of NYC usually only included Manhattan or parts of Brooklyn so he decided it was his duty to document all five. The director aimed to showcase the diversity as well as the untapped gems in all of the boroughs.

In the Sky

Directed by Graciela Cassel, New York, NY, 4:34, Brooklyn Premiere!
Essential in our lives: “water.” In this video, the zooming in and out of the camera brings three water tanks alive: they move, they watch, they blend with the sky. In a way, these tanks bring memories of the past into our current lives.

NYC Flow

Directed by Danil Krivoruchko, Brooklyn, NY, 2:28, NYC Premiere!
Turning the Big Apple into a spectacular virtual painting. Exploration of video processing technics introduced by neural-style code.

Winter Meditations

Directed by Zoya Baker, Brooklyn, NY, 3:00, NYC Premiere!
Winter Meditations​ is a 3-minute observational portrait of three distinct ecosystems in winter. From forest, to beach, to hills, we study ants and moss and as well as macroscopic views of oceans and mountains. Winter Meditations invites us to reflect on our relationship to the natural world and to sit with beings who reside near the peripheries of our attention.


Directed by Siqi Xu, Brooklyn, NY, 3:17, World Premiere!
CHRYSALIS (2017) by Siqi Xu is an experimental short film that explores dance as a metaphor for personal discovery and self-acceptance. Structured as a journey, this live-action video of a dancer enhanced against a background of special effects conveys the emotional challenges that are overcome in life’s various stages. Loneliness and sadness are visualized through gesture and sound as inner turmoil is surmounted in a quest for harmony and self-awareness.

Directed by Tamara Hansen, Brooklyn, NY, 1:22
This short film is about the relationship of two girls, shown in an artsy way.

One Million Years

Directed by Mike Enright, Garrison, NY, 4:00, World Premiere!
A chilling précis of the effect of Bourbon Supreme on undersea tentacle monsters, a Midwestern family of the 1960s, Faith Domergue, and Kenneth Tobey. Hip hop breaks and beats dominate the discussion.

140 Characters

Directed by Dean Winkler, Maureen Nappi, Donald S. Butler, New York, NY, 5:35, NYC Premiere!
"140 Characters” poses the question, “What happened to the future we were promised?"


Directed by Oskar Peacock, Brooklyn, NY, 3:54
A woman discovers that her good friend enjoys scalding her tongue with hot liquids. She reflects upon this action or “fetish” with a bemused curiosity, and sometimes horror. As the narrator searches for a logical cause of such a strange habit, her investigation forms the question whether it is the tongue burner or her friend that is fetishizing this strange act of masochism.

A Sweet Lorraine Christmas

Directed by Chris Frieri, New York, NY, 3:00
Beloved actress Tatum O'Neal returns as pugilist and social gadfly, Lorraine Beebe, for an otro mundo holiday season.  

Mechanical Circle

Directed by Santit Rattanakittrakool, New York, NY, 3:13, World Premiere!
Carousel and lights in perpetual motion.

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