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Coney Island Film Festival 2018 - Program 5 - Sci-Fi Shorts

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Coney Island Film Festival 2018 - Program 5 - Sci-Fi Shorts

Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 5:00pm

Pre-Sale has ended. Tickets are available, (cash or credit) Friday 9/14 (6:30pm-10:30pm) and Saturday, 9/15 (12:30pm-5pm) at our box office at 1208 Surf Avenue.

All ticket sales are final, no refunds and pre-sales are Will Call only (tickets will not ship), to be picked up at our Box Office at 1208 Surf Ave., during the festival. Please Note: The Coney Island Museum is located on the 2nd floor and is not wheelchair accessible. This program contains adult content.

Directed by Vagabond Beaumont, New Rochelle, NY, 9:30, Brooklyn Premiere!

A fatally ill father and his daughter are post-apocalyptic refugees struggling to protect each other from the harsh realities of the world. As the father’s health rapidly deteriorates the daughter's faith begins to unravel as the fear of losing everything she loves leaves her unable to trust anyone ever again.

Directed by Gabriel de Urioste, Brooklyn, NY, 8:00

A young woman goes back to fix a broken relationship with a lost love.

Kill Al
Directed by Walter Brandes, Renée Stork, Brooklyn, NY, 21:51, Brooklyn Premiere!

In an environment where androids are met with hostility and outrage by human beings, "Kill Al" tells the story of Femtel 216 and Femtel 303, two female synthetic beings confined to work in a sub-basement of an auditing firm. Each discovers their own humanity – one through art, the other through abuse and the aggressive emotions that follow thereafter. Their thirst for revenge, however, is restricted by internal directives that forbid them from harming or going against the will of humans.

One Day the Sun Turned Black
Directed by Joe Lueben, Brooklyn, NY, 14:00, New York City Premiere!

One day the sun turned black. White people can no longer live under its dark rays. They must pigment themselves or die. A daughter does. Her father refuses.

Toll Switch: In Development Presents "Blood Red White and Blue"
Directed by Thomas Justino, Brooklyn, NY, 7:37, World Premiere!

When a young stagehand is contacted by a larger than life politician, he becomes aware that his blood has been deemed an integral part to a rather unorthodox presidential run. When presented with an opportunity, the stagehand must decipher fact from fiction and decide if he wants to be the one that creates the scenes or the one to live out the rest of his modest life behind them.

Directed by Webb Pickersgill, Chandler, Az, 14:58, New York City Premiere!

An intense, controversial and shocking sci-fi drama about six racist bar patrons that get into a heated violent argument, only to find peace in a most unexpected way. 

Stevie's Aliens
Directed by Austin Harris, Astoria, NY, 16:54, New York City Premiere!

Greg, an aspiring writer whose dreams are shattered when he's rejected from his top choice college, is reinvigorated after he sees what he believes is a UFO.

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