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Coney Island Film Festival 2019 - Program 2 - Comedy Shorts

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Coney Island Film Festival 2019 - Program 2 - Comedy Shorts

Saturday, September 14, 2019 - 2:00pm

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Nuclear Knack Knacks
Directed by Francisco Solorzano, NY, 4:45, Brooklyn Premiere!

Fear of the apocalypse spreads across a quaint NYC cafe, but will it capture the attention of two self-absorbed millennials, chatting at an ungodly volume?

Joe Returns a Video
Directed by Robert Neilson, Seabrook, TX, 12:45, New York Premiere!

Joe realizes that his rental of Steven Seagal's above the law is overdue by 10,592 days.

Directed by Jillian Cantwell, NY, NY, 9:00

A leaking air conditioner drives a Manhattanite to his breaking point, triggering an unthinkable accident that sends him on a hilarious journey across town.

Crab Special
Directed by Matt Simon, Brooklyn, NY, 9:57

Two chefs, one who cooks crabs, and one who forages, meet on the beach the day they both lose their jobs. There's a connection, but can they bridge the gap between the way they work, and see the world?

Best Wishes
Directed by Kevin Etherson, Forest Hills, NY, 5:45, Brooklyn Premiere!

While spending some quality time together a son asks his father's advice on marriage and relationships. The guidance he gets from his father turns out to be more troubling than helpful.

Directed by William Wedig, Brooklyn, NY, 2:07, New York Premiere!

An elderly woman visits the grave of an estranged lover to say her final goodbye.

This Bra Is Killing Me
Directed by Meghan O'Neill, Brooklyn, NY, 5:28, Brooklyn Premiere!

A murderous bra terrorizes four roommates in this horror parody.

Bobo Touch Helpline - The Kisser
Co-Directed by Mike Rizzo, Brian Bonz, Brooklyn, NY, 8:32

Creepy man named “The Kisser” attacks strangers on the NYC subway, by handing out unwanted kisses and inserting bugs into their mouths. Community helpline 'Bobo Touch' takes extra measures to solve this case.

Donny and Clive
Co-Directed by Chris McKee, Lowe McKee, Brooklyn, NY, 12:32

Two dimwitted criminals decide to rob a house.

What's the 311?
Directed by Jonathan Doyle, Brooklyn, NY, 18:58

A comedic but thorough docu-examination of Brooklyn neighborhoods and their inhabitants. Find out the real reason why Bushwick is haunted, why you can hit people with your car in Coney Island, and why Park Slope is just so damn hot right now.

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