Coney Island Film Festival 2019 - Program 5 - Sci-Fi Shorts

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Coney Island Film Festival 2019 - Program 5 - Sci-Fi Shorts

Saturday, September 14, 2019 - 5:00pm

All ticket sales are final, no refunds and pre-sales are Will Call only (tickets will not ship), to be picked up at our Box Office at 1208 Surf Ave., during the festival. Please Note: The Coney Island Museum is located on the 2nd floor and is not wheelchair accessible.

This program contains adult content (nudity).

Into the Dark
Directed by Benjamin Berger, NY, NY, 13:50

A fatally ill father and his daughter are post-apocalyptic refugees struggling to protect each other from the harsh realities of the world. As the father’s health rapidly deteriorates the daughter's faith begins to unravel as the fear of losing everything she loves leaves her unable to trust anyone ever again.

Directed by George Martens, Jersey City, NJ, 17:25

When Adam's wife goes into a coma after a car accident, he's faced with the most difficult decision of his life...being pressured to pull the plug. As he struggles to come to terms with his loss, another option comes to light. Leda Genetics is on the cutting edge of cloning technology. Jenny could come home again.

Directed by Ryan Patch, Washington DC, 12:02

In the near future, a young social worker (Sunita Mani, “Glow”) travels to a small community to administer behavior-modifying "patches" that guarantee happiness for the wearers. She must decide what to do when a precocious girl (Audrey Bennett, “Frozen on Broadway”) refuses to accept the patch.

Directed by Ron Phippin, NY, 8:00

Captured in the adirondack woods, a man, Avi, is desperate to reach his daughter in Canada but cannot even speak the language of his captors after an event causes New York City to become unlivable.

The Replacement
Directed by Michael Pizzano, NY, NY, 5:29

What begins as a story on bullying evolves into an exploration of what it means to be alive when an exec steps in to defend the front desk from the office jerk. A little bit of comedy, a little bit of drama – definitely Sci-Fi.

The $500 Dress
Directed by Andrew Damon Henriques, Bellport, NY, 5:41

Sally finds the perfect dress for her but she can't afford it and tries to persuade her best friend, Vicky, to lend her the money. But Vicky is too preoccupied with packing and trying to get out of town to listen. 

Directed by Luis Tinoco Pineda, Barcelona, Spain, 15:00

Debbie is rude with her own family. But after a dramatic car accident, she starts to regret about the way she behaved with them. Unexpectedly, Debbie's story connects with Arsys's, an experienced military and space fighter pilot who tries to survive a huge space battle which takes place on other time...another galaxy....another universe.

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