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Coney Island Film Festival 2019 - Program 7 - Music Video & Experimental Film

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Coney Island Film Festival 2019 - Program 7 - Music Video & Experimental Film

Saturday, September 14, 2019 - 7:00pm

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Directed by Scout Durwood, CA, 3:50, Music Video, New York Premiere!

An ode to the glory days of Brooklyn circa 2009--when rent was slightly less totally unaffordable, and occasionally the L-train was there when you needed it most.

The Day the L Train Died (American Pie Parody)
Co-Directed by Adam Gold, Andrew Leibman, Brooklyn, NY, 5:05, Music Video

With the L train partial shutdown underway, sketch comedy troupe Straw Man Collective created a parody music video as a tribute to the dying train linking Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Taco Night Material
Directed by Kate Stone, Brooklyn, NY, 2:53, Music Video, World Premiere!

Behold the music video for the Claudettes' "Taco Night Material": a surreal romp with murder, intrigue, skeletons, bugs, rotting taco meat, singing appliances and, slimiest of all: fetid old gender roles.

Love's Not Enough
Directed by Andrew "Ducky" Dutkiewicz, Brooklyn, NY, 3:32, Music Video

Love's Not Enough is a music video for Matt Sperrazza's titular single, a song of heartbreak and deciding to move on. Matt tours his home state of Connecticut singing his open song next to perfect pairs.

So Far No Luck
Directed by Minu Park, Brooklyn, NY, 4:49, Music Video

Crowded, siren noise in NYC doesn't help composer's focus. The composer must find his breathing room in the winter snow storm out of New York City.

Directed by Lisa Thomas, Catskill, NY, 4:31, Music Video, New York Premiere!

In this surreal dark circus spectacle a film director is haunted by the ghost of an actress after he kills her off to avoid paying her.

Co-Directed by Mike Suchmann, Matt Lamourt, NY, 5:20, Music Video, World Premiere!

Kyle and Nate of All Get Out search through the forest, encountering countless mystical beings throughout their journey. "Value" is from All Get Out's new album, No Bouquet.

Line & the Letting Go
Directed by Catherine Delaloye, NY, NY, 4:32, Music Video, World Premiere!

The music video depicts a couple, shifting back and forth in time in their relationship.

Day Drinking / Beer Pressure
Directed by Joe Plescia, Staten Island, NY, 2:19, Music Video

This music video is the first in a series for the band Scum Shots, a new surf punk trio based in Staten Island, New York in which all three cannot surf. This is a lo-fi, no frills buckshot blast to the senses.

Directed by Howie Alex, NY, NY, 4:24, Experimental

Personal routine keeps pace with urban tumult.

Subway Inferno
Directed by Peter Meng, NJ, 5:02, Experimental, Brooklyn Premiere!

Loosely based on Dante's Inferno, this is a subway ride through another dimension. An underground journey that reveals a labyrinth whose passages are the circles of hell. Look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Emergency Alert
Co-Directed by Mandy Looney, Mike Madigan, Troy, MI, 2:52, Experimental, Brooklyn Premiere!

A message from your chosen leaders, broadcast over the Emergency Alert system, if you choose to accept it- our thoughts and prayers are not with you at this time. But this is not a test- there is an actual emergency.

Dull Hope
Directed by Brian Ratigan, NY, 2:45, Experimental

Suppressed memories reach a boiling point. An animated tale of longing.

Directed by Omar Villegas, NY, 11:00, Experimental, World Premiere!

This captured soul is taken under the wing of a greater something, allowing an alternate or revisited being to come to the "surface". - Gabriela Rose. Inspired by the music of Lorn.

Good Queen
Directed by Sequinette Jaynesfield, NY, 8:48, Experimental, Brooklyn Premiere!

Good Queen is a 16mm experimental re-telling of the French Revolution, where Marie Antoinette is a chicken. Full of wild Rococo excess, drag queens, strippers, cakes and lavish jewels, the Queen meets her surprising fate at the hand of the discontent revolutionaries.

Sunday's Girl
Directed by Nick Westfall, NY, 3:04, Experimental, World Premiere!

A young woman falls in love with a mesmerizing entertainer on stage as she enacts a glass dance. In the young woman's dreams, this performer plays a very different role from the one we are introduced to. But which is the dream and which is reality?

Marvin & Matilda Are Soap Bottles
Directed by Harris Gurny, NY, 5:24, Experimental, New York Premiere!

Two soap bottles go on a first date.

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