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Coney Island Film Festival 2020 on - Program 1 - Comedy Shorts

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Coney Island Film Festival 2020 on - Program 1 - Comedy Shorts

Tuesday, September 22, 7pm until Friday, October 2, 7pm

All ticket sales are final, no refunds.  View at any time on Xerb TV from Tuesday, September 22, 7pm ET, until Friday, October 2, 7pm ET. 

Live Zoom Q+A with the filmmakers on Thursday, September 24th at 7pm, ET. An email to register will be sent to all ticket and pass holders. Limited capacity, first come, first served. A Q+A replay will be added to the end of this program, within 24 hours.

Get an all access festival pass (watch all 14 programs, or as many as you choose, 24 hours a day until October 2nd at 7pm) for only $25 here.

StartlePlex Cinemas
3:05, Richard Drutman (Director/Writer), Michael Ford (Cast), Izabela Cylc (Cast)

A movie theater's outrageous animated policy trailer has unintended consequences for a couple's date night.

People Are Only Interesting When You Get To Know Them
9:33, Nathan Morris (Director/Writer/Producer/Editor), Tucker Johnson (Producer), Emanuele Costantini (Producer/Sound Designer), Jonathan Dauermann (Cast), Kimberly Kay (Cast), Hall Hunsinger (Cast), Graceanne Dorse (Cast), Maude (Cast), Tyler Ribble (Director of Photography)

Stuart is coming to terms with a unique disease that sees him being an unwanted guest even in his own families home. He opens up in this documentary about this rare disorder and his hopes for the future.

GOING BOTH WAYS - The Doctor Visit
6:51, Steven Mosley (Director), Adam Stone (Writer/Cast), Steve Morey (Producer), Todd Stone (Cast), Scott Rogowsky (Cast), Yamaneika Saunders (Cast), Danny Cohen (Cast)

Identical twin comedians, Adam and Todd Stone, used to lead almost identical lives -- until Adam started having kids and Todd came out of the closet. Going Both Ways follows Todd and Adam as they navigate the excitement and challenges of both first time fatherhood and new sexual identification. This piece was initially conceived as a stand-alone comedy video. So while it is one of the episodes of Going Both Ways, it is also to be considered as a comedic short film.

3:32, Gabby Beans (Writer/Producer/Cast), Charlie Gillette (Director), Will Adams (Cast), Allen Oino (Cast)

OMAKASE is a darkly-comedic, surreal, revenge fantasy from the perspective of a young woman on a mediocre first date.

Weezy Goes Outside
16:19, Daniel Tenenbaum (Director/Producer), Heloise Wilson (Writer/Producer/Cast), Mischa Ipp (Producer), Edan Jacob Levy (Producer/Cast), Geoff Lee (Cast), Imran Sheikh (Cast), Cathy Salvodon (Cast), Brooke Turner (Cast), Joel Crane (Director of Photography), Daniel Rufolo (Composer), Mateo Marquez (Colorist), Kimberly Matela (Production Designer)

Weezy is on her way to Coney Island at 3am to bury her beloved goldfish, Booboo, who recently died of a heart attack. Between the MTA's unreliable service and strange appearances nothing goes according to plan.

The Stunods
10:39, Joseph Rocco Plescia (Director/Writer/Producer), Tom Cassese (Producer), Jon Bewley (Producer), Peter Grancio (Cast), Erik Freitas (Cast), Shannon Kintner (Cast), Michael Vincent Ianuzzi (Cast), Siena D'Addario (Cast), Frank "Big Chich" Cicciarello (Cast)

10:22, Steve Herold (Director/Writer/Producer), James L. Palmer (Writer/Producer), Kevin Kolack (Cast), Patricia Damon (Cast)

Rick and Vivian struggle with the biggest challenge of their married life.

Better Half
22:33, Pete Johnson (Director/Writer/Executive Producer), Adam Jones (Director/Writer), Joe Calabrese (Producer/Executive Producer), In Association with SATURDAY MORNING (Producer), Tom Mardirosian (Cast), Ronnie Farer (Cast), Nicholas Bupp (Director of Photography), Tom Scherma (Editor), Daniela Clementi (Production Designer), JSM Music (Music), Steve Marchese (Executive Producer), Joel Simon (Executive Producer)

After 40-years of codependent marriage, a husband makes a life changing decision to ensure that he will never have to endure another waking moment with his wife.

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