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Coney Island Film Festival 2020 on - Program 13 - Animation, Experimental & Music Video

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Coney Island Film Festival 2020 on - Program 13 - Animation, Experimental & Music Video

Tuesday, September 22, 7pm ET until Friday, October 2, 7pm ET

All ticket sales are final, no refunds.  View at any time on Xerb TV from Tuesday, September 22, 7pm ET, until Friday, October 2, 7pm ET. 

Live Zoom Q+A with the filmmakers on Wednesday, September 30th at 7pm, ET (Animation) 8pm, ET (Experimental) 9pm, ET (Music Video). An email to register will be sent to all ticket and pass holders. Limited capacity, first come, first served. A Q+A replay will be added to the end of this program, within 24 hours.

Get an all access festival pass (watch all 14 programs, or as many as you choose, 24 hours a day until October 2nd at 7pm) for only $25 here.


Social Distance: Maybe It's a Good Idea
1:10, Andrew Doran Wilson (Director)

Animated Social Distance Public Service Announcement Dedicated to the Year 2020. Completed during March - May Quarantine.

Take Off Your Skin
2:56, Luke Jaeger (Director)

After spending a week in the hospital with a severe viral infection that caused most of my skin to fall off, I found myself humming this 1929 pop song that my mom used to sing. This film is dedicated to her memory.

Low Down Larry Conquers The Moon Men
4:28, Sammy Verni (Director/Producer/Editor)

At the height of the Space Race in July 1969, Larry Johnson and his trusty sidekick Spike, endeavor to be the first man (and dog) to set foot (and paw) on the Moon.

The Rocky Roads in Just Enough Lentils
2:57, Robert Kleinschmidt (Director)

After a weekend in the Wild West and outer space the Rocky Roads are back in the classroom! Will the possessed Rocky Roads totem pole overtake Mr. K? Will George's love of lentils save the day? Witness the finale of The Rocky Roads!

Izzy's Demons
7:28, Greg Garay (Director/Lead Animator), Jumai Yusuf (Producer), Alexa Velasquez (Producer), Chinwe Okona (Cast), Robin K. Johnson (Cast)

Izzy is a person who struggles with the decision to reconnect with an old friend. As she gives into her jealousy for her friend’s success, she makes a decision that her subconscious does not let her get away with so easy.

Her relationship with this person is splayed in front of her and she realizes that something isn’t adding up. Memories start taking a turn for the worse and she realizes why they aren’t talking to each other.

Only when she confronts her anxieties can she be released from her subconscious.

4:22, Steven Lapcevic (Director/Producer/Animation/Music/Sound)

A warm, familiar friend.


Night at the Museum
5:58, Peter Meng (Director), Diane Mellon (Producer)

Members only. Explore the galleries after hours when a strange surreal unrest haunts the artwork within. Witness the paintings spring to life as you slip into another dimension and tap into the subconscious mind of the artist.

American Quartet
8:53, Jesca Prudencio (Director), Erin McGuff-Pennington (Writer), Adam Grannick (Writer/Producer), Yekta Khaghani (Cast), Brian Wolfe (Cast), Ieesha Watts (Cast), Katherine Argo (Cast), Nona Catusanu (Director of Photography)

In a 2030s small town bitterly divided over who belongs, a young Muslim-American woman puts herself at risk when she shares her private, digitized memories with strangers, challenging the status quo in the hope that empathy will triumph over hate.

Unborn Rivers of Sky
3:16, Brian Ratigan (Director), Daniel DeVaughn (Writer), Jason LaRay Keener (Music), Non Films (Producer)

The passing of time in an exquisite corpse.

Images randomly selected.
Poem written without images.
Music written without images or words.

An exquisite corpse by Non Films.

Poem by Daniel DeVaughn. Music by Jason LaRay Keener. Directed by Ratigan. Found footage: "Illinois, 1957."

Mx Saturn Rebirth Ritual
5:58, Pink Velvet Witch (Director/Writer/Producer/Cast), Jezebel Viper (Writer/Cast)

The second video created in quarantine by PNK VLVT WTCH and Jezebel Viper. This enchanting work explores Saturn as a woman and the ritual of rebirth, consumption and death as a cycle. This emotional work is based in surrealism, DaDa and witchcraft with original music created by PNK VLVT WTCH. Much of our inspiration comes from the art in our collection created by talented artists, we feature these works as part of our collage.

Stairwell My Love
5:18, Adam Khan (Director/Writer/Producer)

"Stairwell My Love" is an experimental short featuring Moony Matelot’s “Confetti Western”. The camera was lowered 250ft down a stairwell via a custom crane. What you see was done in one continuous take.

Music Video

Hunting Ground
4:41, Blake Dvs (Director/Writer), Dreamtone NYC (Producer), Chris McCarthy (Cast), Djuma Soundsystem (Music Artist), Jonas Saalbach (Music Artist), Michael Sawyer (Production), Cake (Production)

This collaboration between director Blake Dvs(US) and music producers Jonas Saalbach(DE), Djuma Soundsystem(NO) and Chris McCarthy(UK). Hunting Ground is a melodic trek through NYC.

Sick Of It All - "Self Important Shithead"
0:57, The Jerry Farley (Director/Writer/Producer/Cast), Sick Of It All “As themselves” (Music/Cast), Melissa K. Baethoven (Cast), Steve Perlmutter (Cinematography/Editing/Animation), Melissa Licciardello (Production Assistant)

Billy is a Shithead. Millie is a Shithead. We've all encountered these "selfie" obsessed Shitheads across NYC... And now they have their own theme song from NYHC giants Sick Of It All off the album “Wake the Sleeping Dragon” on Century Media records!

Everything Breaks
3:30, Anthony Catanese (Director/Writer/Producer), Sara Casey (Producer), Joseph Kuzemka (Producer)

The day in the life of a man with very very bad luck.

The Space Merchants - City Lights
4:30, Greg Hanson (Director/Writer/Producer), Megan Mancini (Producer), Jake McKelvie (Cast)

A run through the streets of New York City as Norm finds himself in the wrong part of town, harassed by a group of punks hell-bent on making his life a living hell. As the chase traverses the city, Norm continues to make new enemies along the way...

Ruby Bones - "Don't Lose Your Head"
2:45, Brian Lonano (Director/Producer), Jessica Shipp (Cast), Denny Holmes (Cast), Blake Myers (Producer), Andrea Kiefer (Director of Photography), Jeff Jenkins (Visual Effects)

When the stress of life is too much for Ruby, she falls prey to a strangely familiar Witch who steals her head.

The Chosen People
2:31, Ben Pernick (Director/Artist), Dylan Mars Greenberg (Director)

Ben educates the populace on why we should be kind to Jews, and corrects prevailing conspiracy theories with the far more ridiculous truth.

I Wanna Quarantine With You
3:49, Pablo G Velez (Director/Writer), Spencer Channell (Writer), Jessie Reyes (Producer/Editor), Carson Alexander (Cast), Erin Frisbie (Cast), Chris Metz (Editor), Sara Zoe Budnik (Vocalists), Isaac Gomez (Vocalists)

A parody love letter of the Hootie and the Blowfish song, "Only Wanna Be With You".

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