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Coney Island Film Festival 2020 on - Program 3 - Drama Shorts

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Coney Island Film Festival 2020 on - Program 3 - Drama Shorts

Tuesday, September 22, 7pm ET until Friday, October 2, 7pm ET

All ticket sales are final, no refunds.  View at any time on Xerb TV from Tuesday, September 22, 7pm ET, until Friday, October 2, 7pm ET. 

Live Zoom Q+A with the filmmakers on Friday, September 25th at 7pm, ET. An email to register will be sent to all ticket and pass holders. Limited capacity, first come, first served. A Q+A replay will be added to the end of this program, within 24 hours.

Get an all access festival pass (watch all 14 programs, or as many as you choose, 24 hours a day until October 2nd at 7pm) for only $25 here.

Moonwalk With Me
12:19, So Young Shelly Yo (Director/Writer), Jamil Munoz (Producer), Daniel Leighton (Producer), Kate Zhu (Producer), Carrie Kim (Cast), James Kang (Cast), Crystal Lee (Cast), Eliza Rain (Cast)

A story from the heart about a Korean American girl named Juno who is haunted by her father's disappearances. Upon his return, Juno must decide between keeping her drifting father grounded or letting him go. "Moonwalk With Me" is a tale about the immigrant experience told through a magical landscape.

The Liberty
22:08, Jill Sachs (Director/Writer), Jason Don (Producer), Michael Chieffo (Cast), Amelia Morck (Cast)

On the eve of the 'Grand Reopening' of the family's shuttered movie palace, Lily struggles to uphold the dreams of her idealist father (Harry) while facing the reality that the theatre cannot be maintained. Attempting to prevent inevitable foreclosure she has brokered a deal to sell the theatre, but in all the preparations for tonight's big show, Lily can't seem to find the opportunity to speak to Harry about what the future might hold.

16:53, Sergio Caballero (Director/Writer/Producer), Benna Douglas (Producer), Kristina Kim (Producer), William Amenta (Producer), Juliet Brett (Cast), Jami Tennille (Cast), Geoffrey Cantor (Cast), Mace Richards (Cast)

Three generations of women cope with the death of the man who binds them all.

8:54, Jamie DiNicola (Director/Writer/Producer), Tony Zosherafatain (Producer), Liggera Edmonds-Allen (Cast), Benjamin Hayslett (Cast)

When Sam's older brother, Tony, arrives home from college, the two are forced to grapple with a shift in their brotherly bond. Fratello explores the ways in which gender warps and infiltrates intimacy.

Doesn't Fall Far
14:59, Joshua Michael Payne (Director/Writer/Producer), Eric Roberts (Cast), Aaron Latta-Morissette (Cast), Mary Jo Mecca (Cast)

A Father and a Son each have a secret. When both secrets come to light in the span of an evening, the two men must decide how to move forward in an attempt to salvage their relationship.

Go Ahead, Grab Time by the Throat
13:25, Abby Pierce (Director/Writer/Cast), Clare Cooney (Director/Cast), James Flinchum (Cast), Meg Thalken (Cast), Olivia Aguilina (Director of Photography), Camera Ambassadors (Producer), Divisionist Films (Producer), Kyle Leland (Producer)

Abby and James got engaged and broke up on the same day. Abby filmed it on her phone and then made a movie about it two months later. This is that movie. Part documentary, part narrative, partly confusing for everyone.

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