Phantom Creep's Lon Chaney Shall Not Die!

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Phantom Creep's Lon Chaney Shall Not Die!

Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 8:30pm

What hideous creatures leer and lust unseen from hidden chambers of Coney Island USA? Do you have the guts for the thrill-shock spook show of the season?! Live before your eyes: Creatures conjured! Wholesome youths vivisected into horrific beasts! Watch as Lon Chaney's infamous lost horror film, A Blind Bargain, is re-animated for the first time since 1922! It'll scare the YELL outta you! ...At least until the punjab lasso drops!

Plus, a feature-length presentation of the 1925 Phantom of the Opera classic movie with live musical accompaniment! Join Phantom Creep Theatre as they proclaim: LON CHANEY SHALL NOT DIE! 

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