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The Coney Island Museum

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The Coney Island Museum

Open Sundays 2pm - 6pm

June 12th through Labor Day, Wednesday through Saturday, 12pm - 7pm, Sunday 2pm - 7pm. 
After Labor Day through Spring, Saturdays 12pm - 6pm and Sundays 2pm - 6pm.

Admission is $5 for Adults, $3 for Seniors, Kids (under 12) and residents of  Zip Code 11224. Free for Members of Coney Island USA.

The Coney Island Museum currently features 3 major exhibits:

Highlights from our Permanent Collection

This includes Funhouse Mirrors, our cool collection of coolers and thermoses from 50's & 60's, rare hundred year old hold to light postcards and much more!


Thompson & Dundy's Luna Park: 3D Printed by the Great Fredini is a year-long installation by artist Fred Kahl, which will open in the Coney Island Museum on Monday, May 26. This living exhibit will expand over the course of the year to recreate the ornate art and architecture of Coney Island's heyday 100 years ago.

The project is the latest brainchild of Coney Island sideshow veteran, Brooklyn-based artist and impresario Fred Kahl, a.k.a. the Great Fredini. Kahl’s goal is to fully 3D model and fabricate a 1:13 scale 3D-printed replica of Coney Island’s famed Luna Park, as it stood a hundred years ago, and populate it with portraits of Coney's most interesting characters from his Coney Island Scan-A-Rama 3D Portrait studio (part of Coney Island USA's Living Museum/ Incubator Artist Project). The project garnered worldwide attention last summer, when Kahl raised over $16,000 on Kickstarter to build a “bot farm” in support of the endeavor. A year later, he has 3D scanned hundreds, if not thousands, of Coney’s denizens and visitors who will be featured in the installation. The show will include hundreds of 3D prints comprising over 10,000 hours of print time. “Luna Park has a special place in history, a witness to the society being transformed by technology. These are the themes that are relevant to us today as our world undergoes the third industrial revolution,” said Kahl. “This piece is also about a deep love of Coney Island as the cultural melting pot and showcase for presenting cutting-edge technology as entertainment.”


The Darkside of Dreamland is a profound and thought provoking look into Coney Island’s Urban Community. A curated selection of topics like ghetto politicians and crime both past and present brought to you through the art of expressional painting, sculpturing and photography. 

The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” does not describe the rush one experiences during the performance of the Artist, Africasso, who resurrects the traditional art gallery through poetry, song and dance and leaves his audience speechless. Africasso, born Daniel Blake on April 29, 1960, is more than an Artist, he is the sixth child of fourteen, he is a Father and Retired Naval Man.  He is truly an asset to the Art Community, his ability to unite various cultures through his talent makes him unique. He performs for the disabled Veterans of Iraq & Afghanistan at the Fort Hamilton Army Base and throughout the Coney Island Community. A Futuristic Artist with unforeseen talent. Be prepared to be mesmerized, as you step into the attic of Africasso’s mind. 


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