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Lefty Lucy Presents The Rocky Horror Burlesque Show

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Lefty Lucy Presents The Rocky Horror Burlesque Show

  • Rocky Horror
Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 9:00pm

A burlesque of a Burlesque! For one-night only, Vice President of Miss Coney Island Lefty Lucy is thrilled to invite you to the biggest end-of-summer affair—The Rocky Horror Burlesque Show! In this unique variety production of everyone’s favorite cult horror musical, you’ll experience Rocky Horror in strip-o-vision, featuring burlesque, drag, music, and more!

Follow the light over at the sideshow place as Criminologist and narrator, Schaffer the Darklord, guides you through this fateful journey of self-discovery and scandal, starring

Bastard Keith as Frank N. Furter

Nasty Canasta as Magenta

Miss Cherry Delight as Riff Raff

Foxy Vermouth as Columbia

Mr. Gorgeous as Rocky

Scooter Pie as Janet

Danny Blu as Brad

Brief Sweat as Dr. Scott

Teddy Turnaround as the delivery boy, Eddie

Machine Dazzle as the Lips

and party guests Mary Cyn, It’s a Little Stormy, Betsy Propane, and Handsome Brad will show you more than just a pelvic thrust to really drive you insane!

Guests are encouraged to come in costume for a chance to win prizes at intermission from Frank N. Furter! Plus, win raffle prizes from the CIUSA gift shop, It’s a Little Hat by It’s a Little Stormy, and more! Come out for a bite of this incredible collection of some of New York’s premiere nightlife stars and you won’t have to shiver with anticipation anymore!

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