Lovers, Letters and Killers - Mata Hari and Eva

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Lovers, Letters and Killers - Mata Hari and Eva

Thursday, April 23, 2015 - 8:00pm

In her dank, dark basement actress Eva has silently labored eight long years to craft her stage play about Mata Hari. She is fascinated by the complicated history of Mata Hari and her entanglements with men. Both women are Dutch, and while separated by a hundred years they share the tendency to end up in the wrong arms.

Mata Hari made fame during the time period leading up to WWI, by revealing her body in "exotic dances". She had countless affairs with military men, aristocrats and bankers on both sides of the front. Trapped in a spider web of men, she is accused of counter espionage and executed by firing squad in Paris.

While exploring diverse acting methods to bring Mata Hari to life, Eva's own struggles with men rise to the surface. She can't help but think about a long forgotten love she left behind...

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