Minx Arcana presents The Brood: Bugged Out Burlesque!

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Minx Arcana presents The Brood: Bugged Out Burlesque!

Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 9:00pm

Exterminate your fear of all things squirmy and take a wild romp into the insect realm, as Minx Arcana presents The Brood: Bugged Out Burlesque! Inspired by both the sublime and grotesque wonders of insects, Minx Arcana rounds up some of NYC's buggiest burlesque babes to channel the creepy critters that make us scream, shudder, and scratch.

"As an artist, I have always had a desire to explore themes that inspire fear and disgust," said producer and burlesque performer, Minx Arcana. "Insects are pretty universally despised in our culture, and invoke so many negative reactions from the annoyance of being bitten by a mosquito to the psychological nightmare of being infested with bed bugs, or worse yet, parasites. Yet there's also a hidden beauty to these critters intermixed with those feelings of horror - and what better way to showcase that than through burlesque?"

The Brood: Bugged Out Burlesque! infiltrates The Coney Island Sideshows by the Seashore stage on Thursday, May 22 at 9pm. See slithery striptease by Legs Malone, Fem Appeal, Aurora Boobrealis, Vanil La Frappe, Delilah, Jezebel Express, and Minx Arcana. NYC's neo-burlesque star Nasty Canasta, The Girl with the 44 DD Brain, demonstrates her voluptuous knowledge of entomology as host for the evening with kittening by scientific sidekick Clara Coquette and leggy go-go by Nyx Nocturne. Expect to leave with some strange new sensations towards those pesky pests we love to hate!

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