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The Strange and Unusual Market

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The Strange and Unusual Market

Saturday, October 21, 12pm-11pm, Sunday, October 22, 12pm-7pm, Saturday, October 28, 12pm-11pm, Sunday, October 29, 12pm-7pm

Coney Island USA hosts The Strange and Unusual Market for all of your strange and unusual needs. We have vendors selling everything from Artisanal Chocolate Skulls to Two Headed Stuffed Animals. The Strange and Unusual Market is a place for people who appreciate things created outside of the box, where the unconventional creations have a place to be displayed and sold. The items you'll find here, you won’t find in the big stores and we like it that way. So come out for a show, some rides and a little shopping (The holidays are only two months away), you won’t leave disappointed or empty handed. 

Participating Vendors:

Curious Candies (October 21) - Marshmallow Brains, Chocolate Skulls and Bones, Gourmet Caramel Popcorn

Erin’s Etceteras (October 28, 29) - Original Artwork, Prints of Serial Killers and Sideshow Legends and Sugar Skull Jewelry

Hell Fire Baby (October 21) - Soy Candles, Salves, Oils Band Pins and bullet Jewelry

Laure Leber (October 21, 22, 28, 29) - Handmade Sideshow, Mermaid, and Ocean themed Jewelry, Lockets and Acorn Necklaces

Loved Me Not (October 28, 29) - Horror Character Pendants, Bracelets and Keychains 

Nails by Katya Kahl (October 21, 22, 28, 29)  - Gel nail polish

Nyx Nocturne (October 21) - Hand Painted Leather goods and handmade Jewelry 

Parlor Trick Prints (October 22) - Original Artwork on clothing, plaques, pins and bags

Rock My Lips (October 21, 22) - Eyeshadows and Kiss Proof Lipsticks in every color, Makeup Removers and T-Shirts

Serpentina’s Craft (October 21, 22, 28, 29) - Siamese Skeletons, Conjoined Stuffed animals, Maggot, Grub and Bloodworm Jewelry and See All Eyeball Turbans 

Sexy Phoenix Crochets (October 28, 29) - Cute and Creepy Crocheted Creations, Horror Characters, Zombie Hearts and Coffee Cozies


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