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Mermaid Parade 2015: Award Winners

  • It ain't easy tallying up the votes! Next year maybe an app?
  • He was bribed good.
  • The Chief looking for Associates

As usual, your Chief Justice and his Court agonized over the picking of the winners of this year's coveted Mermaid Parade Awards. And as usual, bribes were an important factor in the Court's final decision. Unusually, this year quite a few bribes came in the form of Plaques on our brand new Donor Wall.

It turns out that our beloved Marchers are very tuned in to how much work Coney Island, USA puts into producing the parade every year. In addition, they are aware of how much money it costs to make it all happen. And by supporting our not-for-profit organization and buying a plaque they get so many benefits. 

  1. They feel good about doing the right thing
  2. They get to see their message on the walls of Coney Island, USA in perpetuity
  3. Their bribe puts them in the good graces of the Chief and his Court

So here come the awards. Remember, if you have a complaint take it up with the Chief. You can find him on Facebook.

And for goodness sake, BUY A PLAQUE

A few notes on/for the winners:

  • Often we only have numbers for marchers who register the day of the parade. If you're one of these winner/procrastinators let us know via Facebook and we'll update this page with your info. 
  • This list has been know to have errors. We reserve the right to correct errors at any point in the future. 
  • We know you want your award. Stay tuned for an announcement of how you can receive your award.
  • Last year we did photos. This year it didn't work out. Hopefully next year we can go back to having photos of the winners.
  • The descriptions below are mostly from the winner's online registration. Occasionally we add a note or two.
  • Thanks for your patience and understanding

Sea Creature

134 - Fishy Soir
Machine Dazzle, costumer extraordinaire, and performance artist. With his best friend Eileen always by his side.

754 - Vagina Tentacula and the Bottom Feeders
This was definitely a Lovecraftian vision.

521 - Aqua Marilyn and John F. Kraken
The hottest affair since Krakatoa.   Dazzling, darling, and democrat dredged up from The Mariana Trench.

Marching Group

This is definitely the most highly contested category. The ongoing competition between the Brooklyn Bombshells (more on them later), the Sexcamaids, and Tales of Glory rages on. This year Parade veterans, the Kostume Kult, have raised the bar and are definitely in the Big Leagues. 

510 - Sexcamaids
We are a sassy, dancing, amazing group of guys and girls that will dance our way into your hearts and loins.

718 - Tails of Glory Presents: The Codfather
In 1931, the Callemarese war set in action the storied wave of organized crime that is now the stuff of legend: the mafia. Soon the Five Families made New York City safe only for those under their protection, but while these capofamiglias and their lieutenants fought bloody battles on the streets of the five boroughs, there was secretly a Sixth Sisterhood that controlled all the others, turning the hapless mafiosos against one another: The Tails di Gloria. These cold-blooded syndicate Sirens slunk furtively through back alleys, keeping their fish-monger friends close and their enemies closer, slowly taking over NYC’s lucrative seafood trade and sending anyone who got in their way to swim with the fishes. On Saturday, June 20th, the deadly sirens emerge at last to take their rightful place as the fish-head of the Families. Coney Island, they’re making you an offer you can’t refuse!  The Tails di Gloria 2015 present: THE CODFATHER

625 - Kostume Kult
CAPRICORNUCOPIA theme: Crazy astrological sign with a goats head and a mermaids tail ... and many other creatures.  I will be a giant pink toy fish, inspired by Jeff Koons.

Music Group

998 - Baltimore Marching Band - The Band
Drums! Action! Where are the crab cake bribes?

250 - Kings County Pipes and Drums
Our enemies scattered at the sound

11 - BataliaNYC

Motorized Float

908 - Rockaway Mermaid Brigade
From Rockaway Beach, New York with a knockdown (literally) version of Bad Reputation.

-44 - The Bluefish Brothers (and yes, the number is negative 44)
They will never get caught with their briefcase full of bluefish. They are on a mission from God. However, use of unnecessary violence in apprehension of the Bluefish Brothers . . . has been approved

123 - Coney Island Autism Angels
Raising Autism Awareness and Acceptance

Push Pull Float

Anyone entering this category is brave. You're up against some pretty stiff competition. And who was the person on the giant pony with the LED flashing eyes? Is she among the winners? 

645 - Meadowlands Mermaids
A boat dock in the marshes with assorted mermaids and sea creatures

303 - Octopus Puppet
With eight appendages you need a good puppeteer

17 - Poodle World/Kate Date
Satyr-nalia! Mermaid Kate celebrates summer inviting Satyrs to the Sea

Special Honorable Mention
189 - Team Octo
206 - School of Mermaids

Little Neptune

994 - Pirate Neptune aka Lola
This is not the last we'll be hearing from this group.

657 - Max from Mermaids on the Move
This happy family of half-fish is back to ring in the summer solstice with all their friends. They seem to effortlessly float along the water as they spread their love from the deep blue sea. They wish you joy and abundance in the coming season.

305 - Caught a Mermaid Mou
We're pretty sure that's a typo. Correct us please.

Little Mermaid

167 - Ocean Girls (aka a frightened mermaid)
Mother Daughter marchers that will be waving to their land loving subjects

994 - Hula Hooping Mermaid (aka  Lola)
This year's only double-award winning group

197 - The Waves
Parents and Children

Neptune Costume

Here in the big leagues of Neptune and Mermaid something interesting happens. The votes don't concentrate on a big winner. More than 40 different Neptunes received votes. 

840  - Boutique
Yeah, that's definitely not this late registrants name. But that's all we could gather from a very greasy Judge's ballot. And special thanks to the Judge who wrote down something next to 840. Nobody else wrote anything except the number.

670 - Naval Gazers
fierce! (plus silver, white, blue...and bewigged)

304 - Some kind of Neptune
Stand up and let us know who you are! Here we have nothing but a number.

Mermaid Costume

Just like Neptune there were tons of different Mermaids voted on. I guess you could call it the long tail (pun intended). Unlike in the Neptune category one Mermaid got a ton more votes than all the others. 

646 - Alana Klinka
The Golden Dragon Mermaid - the overwhelming favorite

814 - Dorita (or maybe Carnival Lady or Zarata)
Much like "Boutique" under Neptune this Mermaid's name is mysterious

606 - Hook Love
Two mermaids and a fish caught by a fisherman (person dressed as fish with hook pierced through mouth)

Judge’s Choice

What can we say. There are marchers and then there are ultra superstars. Year after year, the BBs just keep doing it. This year we blocked them from winning Marching Group to give others a chance to win. So now they are appropriately in a category of their own. And not only did they buy a plaque (as a bribe), they challenged their rivals to do the same. And you know what? They can really dance!

18 - Brooklyn Bombshell Review
We are the winningest group in parade history! Vintage bathing suit wearing swing dancers with a killer routine, great bribes and everlasting love for Coney Island USA for putting on what is, always, the best day of the year. Thank you, Dick!

Mayor’s Choice

Courtesy of the permanently unelected Mayor of Coney Island

907 - Ricco from Bay 50th St
A float that was pulled by a TRACTOR. This was the first tractor in the Mermaid Parade.

That's all folks. You can also check out the 2014 winners.