Mermaid Parade 2017: Award Winners

Photos of Kate Dale, Octopus, Anglerfish, L-Train Band and Little Neptune by Kenny Lombardi - All Rights Reserved Without Written Consent. Photos of Tractor and The Flying Merlendas by William Van Dorp. Clamilton photo courtesy of Charlotte E. Binns. Lady Gaga photo by John Blough.

The Chief Justice and his Court did very well this year -- even though we had to go through some very rain-soaked ballots. As usual the Assistant Chief Justice, Daniel Alhadeff, took a major role in tallying the votes. Ultimately the Chief Justice made the decisions and all complaints should be directed to him.

A few notes on/for the winners:

  • Often we only have numbers for marchers who register the day of the parade. If you're one of these winner/procrastinators let us know via Facebook and we'll update this page with your info. 
  • This list has been know to have errors. We reserve the right to correct errors at any point in the future. 
  • We know you want your award. Stay tuned for an announcement of how you can receive your award.
  • The descriptions below are just silly notes. If you hate them let us know and we'll rewrite them.
  • Thanks for your patience and understanding

Sea Creature

1027 - Clam Bake
Where were the baked clam bribes?

412 - Piñata Mermaids 
Hit them hard. And fun bribes.

152 - Anglerfish 
The second year in a row with an anglerfish themed third place winner in Sea Creature.

Marching Group

222 - Arts from Brazil
Encompassing many art forms.

10 - Hungry March Band
For the second year in a row they take second. But they can't possibly try harder because they are that good -- let's face it in a just world they would take first.

19 - Brooklyn Bombshell Review
The winningest group in Mermaid Parade History are once again getting an award.

Music Group

123 - Clamilton
Tails of Glory swept the votes on this one. The numbers were so lopsided we suspect foreign inteference in the voting.

117 - King’s County Pipes and Drums
The sounds of the highlands reverberated over the Coney Island lowlands.

165 - Gypsy Funk Squad
All kinds of great stuff happening with these folks.

147 - L-Train Brass Band
While they may not have won an official award, we expect big things from these newcomers.

Motorized Float

443 - Tractor Pirates
Diesel powered.

446 - Wu Tang Clams
Of course they are motorized, they come from Staten Island. 

444 - Rockaway Artists Alliance
Our friends from the Coney of Queens.

Push Pull Float

110 - The Flying Merlendas
Another overwhelming winner. Did they fly into the parade on their bi-plane?

52 - NYC Chihuahua Nation
Despite a serious attempt to bite the Chief Justice these dogs have taken third place

43 - Spineless Bottom Dwellers 
This could be a mistake. There was some controversy over their name! It was a purple octopus.

Space Ship
Your spaceship was great -- but apparently you didn't register for the parade. Insider tip:Register! 

Little Neptune
28 - Chuck from the Hendrix Merfamily 10 Year MerWedding Celebration
Some of these votes may have been for Bambi's beau, but little Chuck gets the win. We believe this kid wore a top hat and vest.

103 - Cape Kid from Merbrids and Mer berer
Common wisdom: you wear a cape, you win.

62 - Antonio from Miss Tourisam
Way to go Antonio

Little Mermaid

73 - Zoe Deshmukh from Mermaids in the Basement
Can they be released from the Basement now?

1021- Celeste
A late registrant on the charts!

92 - Rayleen the Baby Mermaid
Fact: If you allow the Chief Justice to dangerously hold your baby to the sky Lion King style you usually get an award.

Neptune Costume

1068 - King Neptune
We need more info on this ruler of the seas.

1034 - Chest Neptune
This Neptune was a Treasure Chest.

281 - Pink Neptune from the Sea Punks
No artificial colors in this Neptune.

Mermaid Costume

15 - Kate Dale of Poodle World's Coral Fixation
It is just about redundant to name Kate as the Best Mermaid. But every once in a while it is important to acknowledge her greatness.

39 - Lady Gaga
A very impressive live chicken Mermaid. Yes, you read that correctly.

175 - Monika's Bachelorette Party
This could be a mistake! There was some confusion about numbering, but congrats Monika!

Judge’s Choice

442 - Sea Bee Gee Bees by Kostume Kult
Kostume Kult have joined the exalted ranks of the Parade Participant Hall of Fame by winning Judge's Choice.

Mayor’s Choice

Our Mayor didn't get a number for them -- but loved them just the same.

That's all folks. You can also check out the 2016 winners.