The 5th International Nerdlesque Festival

Delight in the Galaxy's Original Nerdy Burlesque Festival as we celebrate our 5th year of nerdy nudity! The International NERDLESQUE FESTIVAL returns to World Famous Coney Island USA to present more of the world’s sexiest nerds LIVE during the second weekend in April. For three days, from April 12th through April 14th, burlesque performers from across the globe will unite at the People’s Playground to celebrate all things geeky, nerdy, dorky, or dweeby—with an adult twist! For 4 years, the festival has played to sold-out houses in NYC and featured acts that paid homage to Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Hellraiser, Marvel Comics, Star Trek, Super Mario, Disney Cartoons, Dr. Who, and even the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.

This weekend by and for nerds and their admirers features two International showcases as well as classes with the New York School of Burlesque, parties, game night, a Burlesque Bazaar, and more. 

Hosted by Miss Coney Island 2016 Fancy Feast
with Special 2-night Headliner, Paris Original
Feature performer, Lux LaCroix
and a special festival blessing from The Bishop of Burlesque

Fritz Krieg - Atlanta, GA - Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter
Kitty Glitter & Poutina Turner - Vancouver, BC, Canada - Frodo and Sam from Lord of the Rings
TUCKER  - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Peter Pan
Kita St Cyr - New York, NY - Starfire from DC's Teen Titans
Charli Deville - Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Marvel's Thor
Jacqueline Boxx  - Baltimore, MD - Snow White’s Evil Queen
America Online@ aol . com - Philadelphia, PA - Porg from Star Wars
Asteria Atombomb - Portland, OR - 'Barbarella' starring Jane Fonda
TROUPE: Geekenders - Vancouver BC - Star Wars
Magnolia Minxxx - Savannah, GA - Cinderella from Whitney Houston & Brandy’s Edition
Coco L'Amour - San Diego, CA - Black Widow
Tittiana Sprinkles  - Athens, GA - Doctor Who
Precious Ephemera - New Orleans, LA - My Cousin Vinny

Hosted by the reigning Cheese Queen and our original Legend of Nerdlesque, Nasty Canasta!
with Special 2-night Headliner, Paris Original
and feature performer, Mary Cyn

Vivi Voom - Florence, AL - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Chastity Twist and Draco Muffboi - Vancouver BC Canada -
Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy
Xena Zeit-Geist - New Orleans, LA - Pinhead from Hellraiser
Trigger Happy - Brisbane QLD - Shrek
Nip Fury - Brooklyn, NY - Sleeping Beauty / Maleficent
Renaissance Noir - Philadelphia, PA - Black Panther, Okoye
Bellamie Beastly - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Roxanna Darling - Savannah, GA - Scooby Doo
Laika Fox (and Anja Keister) - Denver, CO - Portal
Kitty Glitter  & Grand Johnson - Vancouver, BC, Canada - Star Wars: A New Hope
Kiki la Chanteuse - San Francisco, CA - Who Framed Roger Rabbit? as Jessica Rabbit
Verity Germaine - Seattle, WA - Kitty Pryde from X-Men
Viktor Devonne - New York, NY - Guardians of the Galaxy
Boysinberry Cupcake - Oakland, CA - Inspector Gadget cartoon

ADVANCE TICKETS are $40 General Admission, $55 V.I.P. (priority seating in first 3 rows, comes with gifts from our sponsors),  $70 Two Night General Admission Package (April 12th & 13th), $100 Two Night V.I.P. Package (April 12th & 13th).

ONE NIGHT — $50 seated; $65 VIP * priority seating in first 3 rows, comes with gifts from our sponsors, TWO NIGHT  PACKAGE — $85 seated; $115 VIP

VIP Tickets Sold out. A limited number of General Admission tickets available at the door for April 12th and 13th, $50.

All ticket sales are non-refundable and WILL CALL only to be picked up night of performance, at our box office at 1208 Surf Avenue. TICKETS WILL NOT SHIP. There are no extra service fees for online purchase.

Coney Island USA
1208 Surf Ave.
Brooklyn, NY, 11224

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