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2013 Mermaid Parade Award Winners

Using the latest scientific techniques as well as the classic Coney methodologies -- and under the noses of the auditors of the accounting firm of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe (courtesy of Car Talk) -- we have determined the winners of this year's coveted Mermaid Parade awards.

To those of you new to the process keep in mind that this list will undoubtedly be confusing and result in all kinds of controversy. To that the Chief Justice For Life Mark Alhadeff says, "All mistakes are the fault of my fellow Justices. I only bear responsibility for the good things."

Before we announce the awards we would like to mention that this year's bribing seemed a bit lackadaisical. Having said that, the relative lack of bribes was more than made up for by the incredible creativity, energy and love spread by the marchers. Thanks for making this happen.

Upon reflection, perhaps it was a banner year for bribes. We're going to count the Kickstarter success as the biggest bribe of all time!

Now the winners:

Sea Creature:
1 - Pooping Sea Gull (with 'roid) on Piling ("pile")
2 - Costa Concordia Captain (was that fake Italian accent real?)
3 - Dizzy GILLespie (registration #606) (little girl with a horn)

Motorized Float:
1- Mystical Children
2 - USA1 Transformer
3 - Rockaway Artist Alliance

Music Group:
1- Coney Island Council (Knights)
2 - Baltimore Drummers
3 - Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps

Push-Pull Float:
1 - Kate Dale and Fortitude (poodle world)
2 - Shark Bikers (registraton #618)
3 - Finderella (registration #353)

Marching Group:
1 - Wet Side Story from Tails of Glory
2 - Sexcamaids
3 - What Cheer Brigade (registration #700)

Little Neptune:
1 - Caleb Schmidt (registration #350)
2 - Red Fish, Blue Fish - Max (son of Little Brooklyn and Noah)
3 - Cuttlefish (registration #204)

Little Mermaid:
1 - Mermaid Sushi (registration #310)
2 - Brooklyn Sea Creatures (registration #202)
3 - Stilt Walker (registration #722) 

Neptune Costume:
1 - Skateboarder (registration #676)
2 - Flotsam and Jetsame (registration #719)
3 - Anthony Natale (of the Deep Sea Natales) (registration #642)

Mermaid Costume:
1 - Fat Femmes (registration #811)
2 - Whitney (registration #6 -- marched with Bambi)
3 - Duct Tape Mermaid (registration #705)

Mayor's Choice:
Tiny Motorized Float with Barbie Dolls

Judge's Choice:
Brooklyn Bombshells

This list is subject to clarifications especially when it comes to registration numbers. And if you didn't register and are on this list you will need to post-parade register to qualify for the award. We would love to post photos of every winner, but that's much harder to do than it sounds.

You can ask for clarifications or offer up more info via the Forums or on the Mermaid Parade FB page.

Stay tuned for info on how to collect your awards. Speaking of which, special thanks to the Great Fredini and his Scan-a-Rama for creating the first place trophies!

Start getting your stuff ready for next year!


Updated to fix issue with Little Neptune where 2nd and 3rd place were the same adorable young man. Added Cuttlefish despite pleas to keep redundant awards.

Update #2: The second place winner in Mermaid was Whitney who was marching in the same group as  Bambi the nautilus mistakenly previously noted as mermaid.