Feed The Mermaids!

Year after year, we put our heart and soul into ensuring the Mermaid Parade remains a safe and spectacular event - completely inclusive, full of benign mischief, and showcasing the quirky spirit not just of the Coney Island community but of New Yorkers as a whole. We’re proud that the parade has become such a popular, iconic part of summer in the city. But as it grows in size and scope, so does the financial strain on our small, non-profit organization.

Producing an event like this - and doing it the right way - comes with a price tag. We’ll never waver in our commitment to the Mermaid Parade, but right now we can’t do it alone. So we’re asking you - our friends, fans, and neighbors - for a little support. Help us “feed the mermaids,” knowing that when you donate, however much you can, you’ll be playing a key part in keeping this magical cause alive and well.

To donate, text MERMAID to 71777 or click here to donate online.