Coney Island USA has been closely monitoring the status of the current coronavirus outbreak and considers the safety of our supporters, patrons, employees and cast members of the utmost more

From our Executive Director James Fitzsimmons

For the last few years I'm usually swamped right now with the start up of the season for Coney Island USA. April is usually when we hold the Congress of Curious People which includes things like the Sideshow Hall of Fame induction, lectures, presentations, and weekends of variety performances. This year, like everyone, Coney Island USA is shuttered, and no one really knows for how long.

In 2016 when I became Executive Director at Coney Island USA I was making a long-shot bet. I'd never run a business and almost everything was a "Learning by doing" experience. With a lot of help from Coney Island USA's Staff and Board we got through that and have had three good years of business stability, mild growth, and overall one of the healthiest runs the organization has ever had.

I think there's a value on placing your bets on the future.

What I'm thinking about doing, and what I'd like your input on, is making a campaign about doing just that, betting on the future for Coney Island USA. While we do not have programming at the moment we will, and people can invest in those programs now through our gift card system. Any gift card would be usable for any of our program tickets such as the Coney Island Circus Sideshow, Burlesque at the Beach, Music of Curiosities, the Coney Island Film Festival, the Coney Island Beard and Moustache Festival, and the MIss Coney Island Pagent as well as any item in our gift store. Hell, having looked up the related laws, you could even use your gift card at the Freak Bar.

What doing this would do is help to guarantee that Coney Island USA can open when the time come, and to ensure that you are a part of our future when we do.

How does that sound as a plan?

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