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Spring Gala Assassin Blade

How can it be the Ides of March and not have an assassination? We are calling for 15 assassins to participate. Are you up to the task? Et Tu, Brute?

What does this all mean? At our 2014 Spring Gala, a conspiracy is brewing and plans are in the works to assassinate Caesar, currently going under the guise of CIUSA Artistic Director Dick D. Zigun. To ensure absolute secrecy, and to avoid word of the rapidly growing conspiracy reaching the ears of Caesar (Dick), details will only be revealed to those who purchase a blade. Be one of the few.

Do not warn him, it is to no avail.

There are only 15 blades available, and they are going for the low, low price of $100 each. All proceeds going directly to Coney Island USA.

If you can't attend, but want to be a participant, you can get a blade in your name and we will designate an assassin to do the dirty work for you!

Click here to purchase a blade.